The soft edible mineral, Himalayan Salt, also known as ‘Halite’. This is a unique kind of salt that forms due to perfect geometric patterns. The color hue of Himalayan Salt ranges from white to pink, and from orange to dark red which ends at the dark purple or black.

Himalayan Salt formed due to ancient ocean that used to be somewhere in Himalayan mountain ranges formed at least over 200 million years ago. Himalayan Salt is known and used for centuries for many purposes including healing and nutrition. It is indeed an extremely valuable gift from mother nature.


Himalayan Pink Salt was discovered by an Emperor – Alexander the Great with his soldiers. They were in desperate need of food supplies and water. The hungry and tired horses of soldiers led them to Himalayan Salt Ranges when they were passing through the region. Soldiers later chipped off a sufficient chunk with them on their voyage for essential survival.

Later a Mughal Emperor from Sub-Continent Jalal-ud-din Muhammad Akbar, allowed trade of this valuable mineral for local people and traders.

Fully functional Himalayan Salt mines were not established until late 1820’s. Which is a major tourist attraction these days nearly drawing more than 300,000 visitors to Pakistan every year.

Authentic Himalayan Salt

If you are reading about Himalayan products made of salt and are interested in buying any product for the first time, you need to keep few things in your mind. The Himalayan Salt is exclusively available in Pakistan, which means if there is no mention of the name of country of origin, you might want to see the other options.

The health benefits of Himalayan products are also one of the reason why you must have.