About Us


Saaltee is a retail and wholesale platform by SumRaf International. We are Himalayan Salt Lamp exporters, offering authentic Himalayan salt lamps and other Himalayan Salt products from Pakistan. As the product is exclusively available in Pakistan and neighboring sub-continent regions.

We are worldwide exporters of products that are made of Himalayan Pink Salt. Saaltee by SumRaf International is direct extractor of Himalayan Salts from Himalayan Salt Mines and we have the best craftsman on board to ensure clients’ demands for their desired products.

Besides Himalayan Salt Lamps, we are also specialized with Tiles made of Himalayan Salt, Himalayan Bath Salts, Himalayan Table Salts, Tequila Glass made of Himalayan Salts, Wine Glass made of Himalayan Salts and of course, Animal Salt Licks.

Saaltee by SumRaf has been in business for over 3 years and have catered clients across 22 countries and 5 continents. We are more than committed with our labor force and our craftsman to make sure that while conducting our business, our labor is safer and in better economic situation.



Hassaan R. Malik

Executive Director

All Himalayan Salt at the Saaltee by SumRaf International  originate from the Khewra Salt Mines in Pakistan, which is situated at the foothills of the Himalayan Mountain ranges. The vast Salt mines stretch out across approximately 299 kms from the Jhelum River to the Indus River. There are six primary mines with each mine producing its own unique, varied and distinct salts.

Being Himalayan Salt Lamp Exporters, Our aim is to ensure that all our clients and retail consumers get the best products and services from Saaltee.

We are committed to manufacture and introduce the unique and at the same time experimental products for our clients to make sure that they get the best use of Himalayan Pink Salt.