Remarkable Mineral Soak

Himalayan Salt is vital when it comes to inducting hydration as it helps a lot in relaxation. As the dermal absorption process kicks off, our skin absorbs the minerals from water. The Himalayan Salt spread through the water as being the top element. As salt itself has many minerals that our body needs.

Purifying the Air

Himalayan Salt is so popular for not only cleansing your body during bathing treatments, but it’s well known for cleansing the air with its natural elements to lessen away harmful toxins within the air of your home. Having Himalayan salt lamps in your lounge room or bedrooms is the perfect way to purify the air in your home.

Cultivating Digestion

It’s well known that the elements infused within Himalayan pink salt can actually very well increase the ability of a person’s gastrointestinal tract in regards of absorbing innumerable nutrients.

Soothing Away Discomfort

A warm bath infused with Himalayan bath salt is flawless for reducing pain and soreness that could have occurred from a fall or strenuous exercises.  How you ask?  Well, the magnesium as well as the other 80+ minerals which are found in Himalayan pink salt will absorb through the skin in and help to heal the injured muscles.

Sinus Issues

If you are no stranger to sinus problems then I would recommend trying to use Himalayan pink salt saline, Himalayan Salt Sole. It is known that Himalayan salt will abolish germs as well as bond to many of the impurities which could very well be stuck in your nasal area and flush them out.


When placed in your warm bath water Himalayan salt will act as quite the flawless detox element. When completely dissolved in water the Himalayan pink salt will become an ionic solution which will contribute to drawing the pollutants and toxins out of your skin

Regulating Appropriate Hydration

Himalayan salt can be exceptional at inducing hydration when bathing. Facts show that Himalayan salt is around 85% sodium chloride, as well the other 15% containing noteworthy amounts of calcium, potassium, magnesium, as well bicarbonate.  These elements are all the electrolytes in which are essential for our bodies to function.  By mixing Himalayan salt in with your bath water you will quickly find out that it preserves the hydration of your skin and body.

Reducing Blood Pressure

The high sodium content in Himalayan Salt will in fact help to reduce ones blood pressure, a lot of people do not believe this but in fact it can!  When 100% natural Himalayan pink salt is used instead of processed table salt, a person’s body can actually more easily process other various minerals.  This means your body doesn’t need as much water which will lead your body to not hold as much water; resulting in your body not working as hard.

Stability of Acid Reflux Sickness

Research has found that if you drink sole made with Himalayan pink salt this very well will dismiss symptoms of acid reflux issues because of its natural therapeutic abilities of the salt. It purifies not only the air around you, but the air within your lungs and the harmful elements within the stomach.