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Natural Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps

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Crafted Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps

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Himalayan Salt Lamps are known to be best remedy for many disorders and diseases. Saaltee by SumRaf International is Himalayan Salt Exporters from Pakistan offering an online store that is catering all type of Himalayan Salt products including Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps, bath salts, eatable salts, animals salt licks etc.

Himalayan Salt Lamps is the bi-product made our of Himalayan Pink Salt. Salt that is extracted from Himalayas – also known as ‘Halite’ is a soft edible crystal mineral. This mineral salt is unique in that the crystals form perfect geometric patterns. Himalayan Salt is crystal hues range from white, to a variety of pink, orange and dark reds to almost black/purple.

Himalayan crystal mineral salt is an ancient prehistoric ocean trapped in the Himalayan Mountain ranges specially in the region of Khewra, Pakistan, which formed over 200 million years ago. Known for centuries for its wide range of healing and nutritional properties, Himalayan Salt has been long considered an extremely valuable gift from nature.